Hi, we are the Zero Anchor family. If you navigated to this page you’re curious about us. I don’t want to disappoint, so let me share a quick window into our world and some bullet points that sum us up in a nutshell.

But first, here is a video of my sweet family minus my husband who is a bit camera shy.

Video by Marissa Noe Photography


A little about us….

  • We currently live in Vero Beach, Florida

  • We were born in Kentucky, South Africa, Vermont and Texas. Let’s see if you can guess who was born where

  • Between us we have lived and worked all over the world (Israel, Zimbabwe, UAE, Egypt, South Africa, USA, Spain, Ecuador & Thailand)

  • One of us speaks Spanish. One of us speaks Afrikaans and Ndebele

  • We homeschool/roadschool/boat school our children

  • My husband and I first met in Ireland

  • One of us could live on only avocados

  • We love change and challenges

  • We’re  writing a children’s book

  • We lived in an RV for 2 years and traveled the USA

…and that’s enough!

If you want to know more about us, you’ll just have to meet us.

Connect with us on your favorite social platform. We’re on them all!!