Last year at this time Jami entered my Mother’s Day giveaway for a free photo session…and won. I like to think a little bit of luck and fate brought us together. I can’t imagine my business blooming as much as it has during this past year without the help of Jami and all her wonderful friends she’s introduced me to.  I’ve had the privilege of photographing her family 3 times in the past year…and what a sweet, fun, beautiful family it is.

Here she’s trying to sell me a dandelion. Quite the little entrepreneur!

love, Love, LOVE the shirts!!

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  • JenniferMay 5, 2010 - 8:47 pm

    Some of the cutest pics I have ever seen. Love those 3 little bears. 🙂

  • KellyMay 5, 2010 - 8:47 pm

    Jami you have a wonderful family. Everyone looks like they had fun.

  • amyMay 5, 2010 - 8:47 pm

    Those are adorable…Aiden is too cute with that smile…love the tie shirts!!

  • The IppsMay 5, 2010 - 9:04 pm

    All such great photos! Really like the two of Baby B looking at the camera (smiling and milk stupor). Captured such happiness. Love the shirts too.

  • LaurinMay 5, 2010 - 9:07 pm

    The tie shirts are too cute! AND the picture at the top is my absolute favorite. Nose kisses. AWWW!

  • NancyMay 5, 2010 - 9:10 pm

    Wow what GREAT pictures!!!!

  • Michelle DrubaMay 5, 2010 - 9:37 pm

    Great job Kasey

  • ReneeMay 5, 2010 - 11:00 pm

    Love love love the smiles!

  • AmberMay 6, 2010 - 4:21 am

    Love the pics. My favorite is Jami and the baby by the door with the wind blowing her hair. Love it!

  • Darlene CooperMay 6, 2010 - 8:09 am

    Kasey, i am amazed at your beautiful pictures, and your unique poses. We are always excited when the kids tell us that you will be doing their pictures. Being so far away, the pictures make my precious family seem closer. Thank you, Darlene and Tom Cooper

  • LisaMay 6, 2010 - 11:58 am

    LOVE the pic of Brice looking up at the camera. What a beautiful family!!! Great pics of everyone

  • Barbara BiaginiMay 6, 2010 - 12:30 pm

    SO FUN! Love the school room pics! Fantastic!!

  • Jane McCrearyMay 6, 2010 - 2:04 pm

    You,ve done it again! Fantastic photos of some of the people we love a lot. Thank you. Jane and Pat

  • MichelleMay 6, 2010 - 9:54 pm

    The picture of Brice peeking at you while Jami is holding him is absolutely the most beauitful picture I’ve seen. That needs to be in a textbook or something. Beautiful family moments captured….great job Kasey!!

  • Korinne TaylorMay 8, 2010 - 8:51 am

    Good Luck! Babies are beautiful!

  • MelitaMay 8, 2010 - 9:19 am

    I’m not sure if I’m suppose to comment on just your pictures or critique the photographer and the website, so Im going to do all of the above.
    I think this photographer is very creative and insightful. She does some unusual poses that capture the essence of the individual. I think the PowerPoint presentation moves a little too quickly for my taste because I like to really study the photos. She might do well to slow it down a bit or even better have it so the indivual can pace the presentation and stop it if they really want to study one photo.
    I think the photos of the McCreary family are wonderful and insightful. She captures the essence of the children and the love between all of you. I would like to see a few combinations that include everyone. I like the triptic of Jami with the children. I like seeing the black and white photos. They seem to be a dying breed but have some much richness to offer.

  • adminMay 8, 2010 - 10:12 am

    Thank you for leaving a comment and offering me some feedback. I can’t tell you how wonderful and rewarding it is to receive critiques and a bit of constructive criticism. Thank you!

  • EmilyMay 8, 2010 - 11:22 am

    Wonderful pictures…love the big brown eyes!

  • MelissaMay 8, 2010 - 3:10 pm

    What a beautiful family!!

  • MarkMay 8, 2010 - 7:57 pm

    Thank you Brain and Jamie for sharing these with us and thank you Kasey for your talent for bring out the joy of each one of the McCreary’s. Kasey, I like how you capture the moment and your shots are not always stage.

  • Elizabeth HoganMay 9, 2010 - 10:33 am

    It is just amazing the way you capture the personality of each individual. I can hear Aiden laughing and I will buy a dandelion. This tells me everyone is very comfortable with Kasey! I agree with Melita – I like to study photos – so a little slower or option to stop every once in a while would be nice. Keep the wonderful pictures coming! (Could you come to Albuquerque during balloon fiesta? I would love to have you photograph my family! 🙂 – Elizbeth, Steve & Patrick

  • adminMay 9, 2010 - 11:07 am


    Thank you! Thanks for the advice, I just slowed down the header slide show. I would love to come photograph your family in ABQ. I’ll have to see about arranging a road trip 😉

  • Sean McCrearyMay 9, 2010 - 1:57 pm

    Wonderful work, thank you for treating my family so well with how you capture them in photo.

  • Steve SinghoseMay 10, 2010 - 10:21 am

    Artist clearly knows how to work with subjects and technology to make something really wonderful. Nice work.

  • heather bakerMay 10, 2010 - 1:38 pm

    I love these! I seriously think Cali could be a model…

  • Beth BurgesonMay 11, 2010 - 8:04 am

    Jami and her family are beautiful and these pictures just highlight that fact perfectly!

  • AmieMay 11, 2010 - 10:02 am

    Wow, what great photos. Wish you were in Las Vegas! Also, wish Jami & co were still in Las Vegas. 🙁

  • Heidi ZamoraMay 11, 2010 - 10:55 am

    I’m all teary eyed! So sweet!

  • JohannaMay 11, 2010 - 11:14 am

    What beautiful photos!!! Does my heart good to get see them since I don’t get to see the McCrearys very often!

  • CherylMay 11, 2010 - 12:31 pm

    Cali is a born model and I love love love the breast feeding pictures! Can’t wait to see the rest.

  • Kimberly LaFurneyMay 11, 2010 - 1:09 pm

    My vote is for the McCreary Family! Beautiful family, beautiful pictures!

  • Ina ClantonMay 11, 2010 - 1:18 pm

    Jami and Brian have made some beautiful babies. Love the pictures.

  • Janet HoganMay 11, 2010 - 1:48 pm

    Jami & Brian McCreary – The one of Jami in the middle with Brice, and Aidan on the left and Cali on the right is super. Reminds me of an Indian lady with her babes all around her. Very nice arrangement.

  • MicheleMay 12, 2010 - 4:43 pm

    Great photos!
    Great family to photograph!!!

  • Courtney QuallsMay 12, 2010 - 10:44 pm

    OMG!!! Could your family been any more beautiful! Cali looks just like mama and Aidan looks like a sweet trouble:O) Great photos! Keep them coming!!! All our love.