At a point in time when essential oils seem to be the new trend and everyone is trying to capitalize on their popularity, you should be very mindful of the practices of the company you choose to purchase from. If they are not employing scientists, third party testing, sourcing directly from the growers and offering full transparency, you should question the efficacy of their oils. 

The doTERRA Difference


Visit www.sourcetoyou to view the testing information on any oil you purchase. Enter you unique Quality ID to view GC/MS test results from an independent, verified third party lab.


Most tested, most trusted. doTERRA employs more than 30 scientist and boasts 2,200 square feet in cutting-edge laboratory space. After aromatic compounds are distilled from the plant material, each batch is scrupulously tested to ensure that it meets CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade standards. doTERRA developed this rigorous criteria to certify that its oils contain no added fillers, synthetic ingredients, or harmful contaminants. Utilizing its own facilities, as well as trusted 3rd party labs, doTERRA oils undergo the CPTG process to ensure that customer receive the highest quality oil, every time.

Each batch of essential oils goes through a batter of rigorous tests which include the following:

Organoleptic Assessments: In this phase, essential oil chemists, manufacturing engineers, and quality technicians manually assess the appearance, aroma, and color of each essential oil.

Specific Gravity: The specific gravity portion of the testing process compares the volume-to-weight ratio to reference standards to verify oil quality and purity.

Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy (GC/MS): During this stage, molecules are separated and identified to ensure that the chemistry of the oil matches the expected chemical profile.

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR): FTIR testing uses infrared light to analyze the material composition of an oil to determine if it meets doTERRA’s established standards.

Optical Rotation: Optical rotation tests for chirality by measuring the amount of light bend produced byt the orientation of the molecules to determine whether the molecular structure complies with the determined standard.

Refractive Index: A refractometer is used to determine the essential oil’s refractive index- a measurement of how light spreads through a specific substance.

Contamination Testing: Batches that meet the physical testing criteria are then run through a series of on-site contamination tests by expert microbiologist to confirm that thera are no harmful contaminants. The oils are tested for potentially harmful microorganisms, heavy metals, and pesticides to certify safe use when proper usage guidelines are followed.

Stability Testing: doTERRA also conducts on going stability testing to ensure that essential oils will maintain their purity and efficacy for the length of their intended use. In this series of tests, chambers that alter temperature and humidity are used to analyze how essential oils react when exposed to different atmospheric conditions for extended periods of time. This testing protocol ensure that doTERRA essential oils will continue to provide safe and effective benefits for years.


84% of doTERRA single oils and oil blends are exclusive, ensuring that essential oil users receive a product that is truly unique and unrivaled. doTERRA’s extensive sourcing partnerships empower doTERRA to produce exclusive, proprietary oils and blends that preserve the purity and potency of each plant.


While others in the essential oil industry cut corners during the planting, growing and harvesting process or even try to extend “pure” oils by adding less expensive ingredients, doTERRA is uncompromisingly selective.

Sourcing Where Plants Thrive

In order to work with committed partners and ensure the best growing conditions, doTERRA sources oils from across the globe.

Compassion & Sustainability

When doTERRA looks for sourcing partnerships, they deliberately choose location where they can improver the individual, social, economic, and environmental well-being, while producing the highest quality essential oils. Co-impact sourcing provides the tools needed to help lift families and communities out of poverty and promote economic development.


Now that you have read the facts, let me elaborate on the vision and company culture of doTERRA. doTERRA is a debt free company that prides itself on its focus and vision for the future. Their focus is essential oils and their vision is to reinvent the current state of healthcare. If you’re looking to align yourself with a company where the company focus is helping others and where representatives work together regardless of their upline, you will find it in doTERRA.

I came to doTERRA for the potency and purity of the oils, I stayed because of their compassion for helping others and their integrity in doing business.

If you’d like to become a member of doTERRA, I will welcome you with open arms.